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Additional equipment


(for journeys in countries in group 2)


a - Components


- Air cleaner for dusty countries (cyclone filter) 1)

  Available on new vehicles under M.No. 156 – Installation – pages 20 - 37.


- Reinforcements, protection plates and stone guard equipment - for installation see pages 17 - 27.


- Strong roof rack


- Additional vehicle jack socket on Front of vehicle - When changing tyres without the assistance of a workshop (as recommended for the Transporter on page 14) a suitable bracket for the vehicle jack should be installed on the front bumper of front vehicles on account of the smaller ground clearance


- Bracket for fuel cans.




On journeys in trackless areas the driving resistance and thus fuel consumption can increase by up to 50%.


- Loud double-tone horn (particularly recommended for journeys in dusty areas).


- Oil pressure gauge and oil temperature gauge.


- Sleeping facility

  (Volkswagen Transporter e.g. Westfalia folding seat as

  Is standard in the Campmobile).


- Check all weather strips in the passenger compartment; they should be in perfect condition in order to prevent ingress of dust.


1) Sand and dust are very dangerous for the engine when drawn in with the air for combustion. Together with the oil in the engine they act an grinding paste and very quickly cause excessive wear. Before going to regions where there is a lot of sand and dust we recommend therefore that cyclone air filters are fitted.