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b - Items of equipment


-  When driving on sandy tracks use wide radial ply tyres with normal summer tread (M+S can easily dig themselves in) e.g.:




Tyre size




VW Transporter up to
from introduction of
disc brakes

5 1/2 J x 14

205/70 SR 14
or 205 R 14 C


If it is essential to drive over gravel or stony tracks for shorter distances using radial ply tyres the tyre pressure should be increased to avoid damage to the side walls.


M+S tyres should be fitted for journeys through mud; if necessary take with you two spare wheels fitted with M+S tyres.


Additional equipment

(for journeys in countries in group 3)


a - Components


Provide fixtures for a tarpaulin, particularly on vehicles with a sliding roof.


A tarpaulin has proved very successful on the Transporter. It reduces the amount of heat from the sun or the covered roof area and keeps the temperature in the vehicle Interior within tolerable limits. The tarpaulin consists of a strong light-colored canvas which can be spread out under the roof rack; if a roof rack is not being used, a tubular frame can be made and fixed to the roof rail in the same way as the roof rack. The canvas is rigidly tensioned by the frame which keeps it about 15 cm (6 Inches) above the roof.


Install anti-dazzle stripe. These are stuck onto the windows from inside at head height (not allowed In the Federal Republic of Germany).


Before lengthy journeys in the tropics it in advisable to paint at least the roof of the vehicle in a light colour as protection against the intense heat of the sun. Lighter colours reflect the sun's rays and it is thus not so hot in vehicles painted in such colours


b - Items of equipment


Folding spade or pioneer spade


Long plastic tow rope at least 20 m long.


2 sand channels approx. 1.5 long, 40 - 50 cm wide,

2 - 3 mm thick checkered plates or corrugated plates with


Only necessary for journeys through the desert or in sandy

areas of any size.


1 bottle of distilled water.