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c - Front axle


In view of the sometimes poor road surface condition and the substantial amount of dust it is advisable to grease the front axle - if lubrication points exist - at fairly short intervals of around every 2500 - 5000 km (1500 - 3000 miles) The collar of grease which forms at the lubrication points should not be wiped off since it guards against the Ingress of dust and sand. Check steering and wheel-bearing play and adjust if necessary



d - Tyres


The tyre pressure quoted In the Instruction Manuel must be observed so far as road conditions permit and must be checked more often than usual.


Repairing a punctured tyre without the aid of a workshop:


Nail punctures and similar damage to tubeless tyres can big repaired using a normal repair kit without removing the tyre.


Changing a tyre or inserting an Inner tube, using the Volkswagen Transporter as an example:


- Replace defective wheel with spare wheel.

- Screw out the valve insert of the defective wheel with the spare dust cap.

- Place the tyre under the rear jack socket as shown in Fig. 1.

- Insert the vehicle jack In the socket on the vehicle and place foot of jack on tyre near the rim flange.

- By operating the jack press the tyre beading into the well of the rim with the two tyre levers; under certain circumstances this must be done at several points around the tyre.

When loosening a tyre from the rim a place of wood measuring 10 x 20 cm (4 x 9") or similar must be replaced between the foot of the jack and the tyre to distribute the pressure - see Fig. 2.