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c - Gearbox protection plate

(for vehicles with air-cooled engine)

- On vehicles with 1.6 1 engine weld on the web in the centre of the plate and bolt to the gearbox.

See Drawing 9 for dimensions


- Install protection plate.


-       Cut protection plate to size end bond at the appropriate points.



-       Weld on the two angled pieces at the rear.


d- Gearbox protection plate

(for vehicles with water-cooled petrol engine)

-       Make front section as shown in drawing



-       Insert long M 10 bolt in front gearbox mounting.


Supplied from

Volkswagenwerk AG

-       Position front section.


Hannover plant -

-       Bolt protection plate to gearbox at rear.


Service Department

-       Join front section and protection plate (pliers, screw clamp)


Part No. KDW 1 R 2 001

(4 + 5 speed gearboxes)

-       Remove protection plate and weld on front section.



-       Make shouldered nuts for rear attachment.


See Drawing 14 for dimensions


It is advisable to install the front assembly mounting from Automatic vehicles Part No. 251 399 201 K at the same time.