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- The tyre Is then removed in the usual sequence as shown in Figs. 3 and 4. By way of assistance the tyre levers can be struck with a hammer (first bead Fig. 3) or the beading itself struck (second bead, Fig. 4) (complete removal of the tyre is necessary only when It Is to be changed).

- Use pliers In remove valve.

- Fit one bead of the new tyre.

- Insert tube, push valve through the valve hole and pump up tube slightly.

- Finish fitting the tyre, slightly increase the tyre pressure and bounce the whole wheel several times onto a hard surface from a helght of approx. 30 cm. Increase tyre pressure to the required value.





E - Battery


The battery acid must be kept at the correct level, particularly in tropical climates. When fluid is lost due to evaporation only distilled motor may be used to top up. The battery must however, be checked at least once a week. In view of the fact that high temperatures promote self-discharging of the battery, a fairly low specific acid gravity should be chosen for tropical regions. In order to attain this specific gravity a certain amount of acid should be removed from a well-charged battery and replaced by the same amount of distilled water until a specific gravity of 27 deg. Bé is reached; this corresponds to a specific weight of 1.23.