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III - S P A R E   P A R T S


The following list contains a large number of spare parts which in the widest sense of the term can be called wearing parts. The area in which the journey is to be made, the duration of the journey, the vehicle's space and weight reserve and not least the economic possibilities determine which parts should be taken in each Individual case.


The parts in the list must be regarded only as suggestions. The parts suitable for your vehicle should be compiled by your V.A.G workshop.


We recommend that at all events you take with you an assortment of nuts, bolts, washers and split pins.


a - Engine

b - Front and rear axles



Inserts for intake air cleaner

1 torsion bar, front and rear

2 engine oil filters

   (Transporter up to 6.79)

I  set of engine gaskets plus

One inner and one outer wheel



   for cylinder head cover and

1 wheel bearing oil seal

   oil strainer cover

Rubber boots for tie rod

2 copper gaskets for


   oil drain plug

Rubber boots and steering

1 oil  drain plug

ball joints with rings

1 thermoswitch

Grease nipples

   (for water-cooled

2 shock absorbers


2 coil springs

4 glow plugs                              1)

Drive joint boots with fasteners

   spark plugs

1 spring strut and rubber

   (note heat Value)


1 relay for glow plugs                1)


2 Injectors                                1)

c - Gearbox

1 clutch plate, cable


1 flange gasket for carburetor

Front and rear bonded rubber

1 gasket for carburetor

1 oil drain plug

   upper part


1 float needle valve

d Brakes

1 accelerator cable


1 set of contact breaker

2 3 sets at brake pads/


linings for disc brakes/

1 distributor cap, rotor arm

drum brakes (depending on

2 Vee belts

distance to be covered)

exhaust mounting loops

Brake hoses

1 ignition coil

Brake lines

coolant hoses and clips

1 can of brake fluid

fuel hose and clips



e - Electrical system




TCI switch unit

1) only for Vehicles with

Electrical wiring

    diesel engine

Various connectors


1 set of vehicle bulbs


1 packet of fuses


Headlamp lenses