g - Protection plate for spare wheel

Supplied from

Volkswagenwerk AG

Hannover plant -

Service Department

Part No. KDW 6 R 2 001

The protection plate is welded to the spare wheel well and additionally bolted to the cross member at the front. An 18 x 45 flat steel bar is welded in at the rear as a reinforcement. To ensure that the forces are transmitted to the longitudinal members upon positioning, threaded supports in which M 12 hexagon bolts are inserted are welded an at the left and right. The bolts are to be adjusted so that they are adjacent to the longitudinal member when the well is installed.


See    Drawing 11 for dimensions


1 - Adjusting screw M 12 x 85

2 - Lock nut

3 - Support

4 - strip steel 740  x  55 x 3 bent

5 - Spare wheel well

6 - Protection plate (5 mm

perforated plate)

7 - Threaded bush - M 8

8 - Washer

9 - Bolt M 8 x 25


- Cut protection plate to size as shown in drawing and bend at the points marked so that it touches the spare wheel well at the side on the front cross member.


- Attach protection plate to spare wheel wall and mark holes on front cross member for additional attachment.


- Remove Protection plate.


- Weld on flat steel bar in rear section and weld spare wheel well to protection plate.


- Weld on side supports.


- Make holes for threaded bushes in front cross member - see page 24.


- Install protection plate.



- Tighten bolts in supports against longitudinal members.


- Fold down plate and secure with lock nuts.


- Install protection plate and spare wheel.