f - Fuel tank protector


Supplied from

Volkswagenwerk AG

Hannover plant -

Service Department

Part No. KDW2 R 2 001


The tank protector is welded to the protective runners of the tank and bolted to the longitudinal members at the side. Threaded bush with an M 8 thread (commercially available) must be inserted in the longitudinal members for this purpose.



See Drawing 10 for dimensions


I - Protection plate (5 mm

perforated plate)

2 - Tank runner, Part No.

251 201 655

3 - Threaded bush - M 8

4 - Bolt M 8 x 25

5 - Shim


Note: The tank should he empty when the protector is installed.


- Cut protection plate to size as shown in drawing and bend at the points indicated until it rests on the tank protective runners and longitudinal members of the vehicle.


- Provisionally attach plate to runners using sheet metal screws.


 - Mark holes for lateral mounting bolts (arrows) on both sides.


- Remove runners and protection plate (retain tank with additional runner in installation position).

- Outside the vehicle weld runners and protection plate together at several points.


- Drill 11.5 mm dia. holes in the longitudinal member at the points marked.


- Slightly countersink holes,


- Tighten M 8 threaded bush. If no suitable tool is available proceed as follows: screw a nut onto a M 8 x 40 hexagon bolt with continuous thread and add a short sleeve.


- Screw on threaded bush -B- and insert bolt in hole in vehicle. Press the sleeve -A- against the threaded bush via the M 8 nut until the threaded bush in firmly locked. The sleeve and bolt must not turn.



- Install tank protector. If the tank projects beyond the longitudinal member at the side, insert a shim between longitudinal member and plate.