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a - Power unit protection

(for vehicles with

diesel engine)


Supplied from

Volkswagenwerk AG

Hannover Plant -

Service Deportment

Power unit protection plate

Part No. KDW 8 OH 047


See Drawing 13 for dimensions


Also to be used:

splash plate left   251 813 165 1)

splash plate right 251 813 166 1)


1) From vehicles with water-cooled petrol engines)


The power unit protection plate can only be installed on VW Transporter vehicles with Diesel engine when the noise capsule is removed, this Is however not permitted in Germany. Vehicles with the power unit protection plate can only be driven outside the Federal Republic of Germany.



When the noise capsule Is removed the fully enclosed toothed belt guard must be fitted on vehicles built before February 1984.


For this purpose there is a kit with the Part No. 068 198 999 A. In addition to the parts shown, the intermediate shaft wheel must also be replaced,


Fitting instructions -

Toothed belt guard


-       Remove noise capsule.

-       Remove silencer and heat

         deflector plate.


Remove existing toothed belt guard and installed fully enclosed guard.



As the injection pump has to be adjusted after fitting this guard the work should wherever possible be carried out by V.A.G dealer.