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b - Diesel


- Sulphur content of Diesel:  A high sulpher content in the Diesel fuel causes more wear In the engine.  A serious influence on the service life is only to be expected when the sulphur content is very high.


- High specific gravity of Diesel:  VW/Audi Diesel engines are set for a Diesel fuel to C.E.C RF03 which has a specific gravity of 0.825 - 0.835.  When using fuels with a higher specific gravity the Bosch smoke number and thus also the soot content In the engine oil increases considerably. A high soot content in the oil automatically increase the friction and promotes, in conjunction with oil of wrong type, a build up of carbon deposits.  When vehicles are used In very dusty regions, the engine oil and the oil filter must be changed at shorter intervals than specified for normal maintenance.


3 - Driving with low quality engine oil


- Low quality engine oil: According to the Instruction Manual the minimum quality is API-CC.  When other factors are adverse (sulphur etc.) the oil should, where possible, be of the quality API-SE/CC, API-SF/CC, API-SE/CD or API-SF/CD.  Failure to observe this instruction can lead to heavy deposits In the piston ring area.  Deposits of this nature in the compression ring grooves causes expansion of the piston rings and thus excessive piston ring wear.


4 - Standard Service, maintenance


The service and maintenance work necessary during the journey should whenever possible be carried out at the V.A.G workshops in the country concerned.  Otherwise you should carry out this work as far an possible by yourself (possibly with the assistance of a filling station). You will find the intervals and range of necessary work in the Instruction Manual or the Service Schedule.


In view of the special operating conditions to be expected on such journeys it is advisable, however, to observe the following additional instructions: