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- Drive the brakes hot until the braking effect is even again.


- Volkswagen Transporter up to June 1979.


The danger point in the vicinity of the front axle is the stabilizer.  Should it become bent as a result of contact with a foreign object (stones, tree stumps) it can be straightened again by tying the tow rope to It (anchor the other end in the ground or on the accompanying vehicle) and reversing. Before driving over extremely difficult terrain it is advisable to remove the stabilizer.



f - Driving in mountainous areas


The lower air density causes a richer mixture and reduces engine output. Remedy for vehicles with carburetor engine:


For short visits the style of driving only should he adapted - no unnecessary fuel injection via the fuel enrichment system.


For longer visits


- Fit larger air correction jet (25 points per 2000 m altitude)


- Reduce injection quantity


- Advance ignition 5 to 10 deg. crank angle




2 - Driving when using low quality fuel


a - Petrol


An appropriate mode of driving Is also necessary when using low octane fuel:


- In the individual gears do not drive at low speeds In too high a gear,  do not, therefore, let the engine labour.


- Use the maximum speed for the individual gears only occasionally and for short periods (these speed ranges are also given In the Instruction Manual).


- Do not accelerate quickly and If possible avoid driving at full throttle.


If necessary the firing point can be retarded up to a maximum of 5 deg. To do this mark the position of the distributor, then turn the distributor a maximum or 3 cm in the same direction as the rotor.  Set the ignition to the prescribed value as soon as fuel with the stipulated octane rating is available again.