V.A.G Service.

Technical Recommendation.

Journeys under difficult conditions - Z4

Volkswagen Transporter/Caravelle Volkswagen LT

August 1984 Edition

Supersedes the previous Technical Recommendation Z4,

March 1980 Edition.

This publication gives advice on driving in countries with traffic and climatic conditions which are not usually met with in Central Europe.

The success or failure of a journey often depends on the careful preparation of the vehicle and the critical selection of equipment. This applies particularly in the case of journeys of an expeditionary nature.  Participants in expeditions have found out time and again that particularly where failure of the vehicle could mean danger to life and limb it is advisable to take only what is absolutely necessary and to keep the weight of the vehicle as low as possible.

The experience gained should protect you against unnecessary breakdown during your journey due to an overloaded or badly prepared vehicle and should also assist you in selecting the most necessary accessories and spare parts.

The legal regulations in the Federal Republic of Germany must be taken into consideration when installing components, at least for period during which the vehicle is used in this country.

Driving in areas away from made-up roads also often requires a special technique; we give you special advice on this in the section entitled: "During the journey".

Before starting out on a journey it is advisable to carry out a trial run of the work given in the Instruction Manual and the Service Schedule so that on long journeys in remote areas necessary maintenance operations and small repairs can be carried out without the aid of a workshop.