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Fitting instructions


- Remove left tail light and intake pipe -11-.


- Make a 90 mm 0 hole -12- in the rear partition.



- Make a template to dimensions given for this purpose.



- Place upper edge of template on seam –arrow and mark of centre hole -a-.


- Adapt plastic pipe -6- to fit diameter of intake pipe -11-. Do this by warming pipe -6- at one end (with hot air blower) and insert into Intake pipe approx. 20-30 mm. Install intake pipe again.




- Make a 80 mm 0 hole -9- to dimensions given in load compartment floor behind Cab .


- To secure Pipe -2- grille two 6 mm holes 105 and 460 mm distance from floor through the cab rear panel end secure pipe cllp with rubber mounting.


- Install all parts, -noting the following points.


o When pushing pipe 6 into intake into -11- a second man must press against the intake pipe through the hole for tail light.


o Stick pipe -2- and elbow -3- together with plastic adhesive.


o Align the rubber mounting/pipe clips -8- on the cross members with centre of pipe, grille 6 mm holes through cross members and secure mountings.


o Seal space between pipe 2/load compartment floor with silicone sealant. (AMV 176000.05).


o Align protection plate for pipe -10-, drill holes through cab rear panel and secure plate with screws and rivets.