j - Cover for coolant pipes


(for vehicles with water-cooled engines)


Supplied from

Volkswagenwerk AG

Hannover plant -

Service Department

Part No. KDW 1 R 2 002



See Drawing 16 for dimensions


- Cut and bend plate and strips.

- Weld the parts together.

- Drill securing holes.



- Offer cover plate up and mark off and drill holes an shown (arrows). Threaded bushes should be inserted in the cross member see also page 24.


- Install cover plate.


k - Underfloor protection plate


It is advisable to install the underfloor protection plate available as a spare part to protect pipes and hoses against damage. The holes for the mounting bolts already exist, it is only necessary to install plastic nuts.


On vehicles with water-cooled engines and the cover plate for coolant hoses fitted the protection plate must be reworked.



1 - Underfloor plate Part No. 251 261 169 B


2 - Screw Part No. N 013 887.5

 (Qty. 12)


- Washer 6.1 Part No. N O11 666.3

 (Qty. 12)


- Plastic nut Part No. 251 261 155

 (Qty. 12)