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Installing power unit protection



- Secure front bracket for power unit protection with a new M 10 x 120 bolt.


- Remove nut for assembly mounting on right rear console and install special long nut (32 mm long hexagon, spanner size 22 mm with continuous M 10 thread - (see also drawing 13 - sheet 3).


- Secure bar for protection plate to special nut.


- Offer up protection plate and secure at all points to engine and gearbox.



- Rework heat deflector plate or silencer as shown In drawing (cut-off shaded areas).


- Install heat deflector plate together with the 2 reinforcement strips - see drawing 13 - sheet 3.


- Install silencer.


- Rework side splash plates from vehicles with water-cooled patrol engine as shown in illustrations - (cut-off shaded areas).