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I - B E F 0 R E  T H E  J O U R N E Y





The journey areas can be roughly divided up into three groups according to local conditions:


Group 1 -    Countries with a temperate climate and predominantly made-up, asphalt roads, e.g. Middle East.


Group 2 -    Countries with extreme climatic conditions (Tropic, Arctic) and unmade roads or tracks e.g. Central Africa.


Group 3 -    Sahara and comparable desert areas.


How the vehicle is equipped is dependent on the traffic and climatic conditions of the country in which the journey is to be mode. It is therefore advisable to obtain Information before starting the Journey. 1)


On the following pages you will find recommendations for equipping vehicles according to the degree of difficulty of the groups listed above.


Apart from carrying appropriate additional equipment the vehicle should be in a good general condition. A thorough inspection in a V.A.G. workshop is recommended. The Following work should at all events be performed:


-        Service and maintenance including oil change end lubrication.


-        Check engine and gearbox for leaks. Particularly Important when driving in tropical areas (deserts) as oil and sand form a coating which severely effects heat dissipation.


-        Check to see that joint sleeves are in good condition.  On older vehicles check or replace the constant velocity joints.


-        Check that all rubber sleeves ore correctly seated and are in good condition.


-        Check bonded rubber engine and gearbox mountings.


-        Change brake fluid.



Publishers of travel books and companies dealing In expedition equipment, e.g. Därr's Expeditions-Services, Hauptstra∫t 26, 0-8011 Heimstätten, will have a selection of maps and books.